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He was born painter

In the exhibition hall of the village Uva Oct. 17 opened the exposition of works of local artist Vladimir Kuznetsov. Presents watercolors, which are reproduced infinitely dear to the heart of the painter motives: flowering ivy and lilacs, gold of autumn and the first snow, sunny flowering fields. By virtue of him and challenging from a technical point of view, night scenery and transition states of nature, lasting just a minute - sunrises and sunsets, morning mists. Perfect technique, visual memory, stunning performance and, most importantly, the high spirit of the soul, a poetic perception of the world and love for his native land - these are the components of his work.

He first showed his work in early 1970 and since then, despite the circumstances of life, true to his vocation, giving every spare moment creativity. During this time he grew up in a master of lyrical watercolor landscapes. Natural impressions of nature serve him material for a pictorial stories, full of deep and reverent feeling for the motherland. And this quiet patriotism more high-sounding declarations. Sincerity and innermost feelings have always been the main value of Russian realist art, a tradition that continues to Kuznetsov. And in connection with his landscapes recall the lyrical prose Prishvin, K. Paustovsky, Y. Kazakov, which brought up a generation of people.

Kuznetsov did not receive special education, but was born an artist. This is exactly the case when the man did himself. Not complaining about his fate, far from the centers of culture, like all busy daily routine work, he found time for his hobbies, creating his own world on paper - a piercing light, calming quiet. In his watercolors familiar to many motives acquired special importance and significance. Talked about it his countrymen who came to the vernissage. It sounded dedicated his poetry and music. And with a special urgency became apparent need for such bright moments against the backdrop of everyday monotony. To do this, and there are "weird" people, including Vladimir Kuznetsov.

Valentina Gartig
art historian

Confession of a master

As soon as the dictates of his hands violin bow touched the strings, it seemed: a breeze shook the lily, fragrant among friends at the lake in the woods, the first snow glittered with pearls, having covered the ground downy blanket, heard, like drops of autumn rain clattered on snikshim birch leaves. Looked at the pictures on which the artist captures a moment of nature, and saw these moments alive, taking place before our eyes, right here in the gallery. Under the influence of music on the paintings came to life and an evening lake, and the young May, and winter twilight, and a summer morning, and the old pond. And feel part of the world which the artist lived, when he painted. State of the soul master - then your condition. In one only difference: he did, but you still contemplate, to enjoy the beauty of the earth. And keep it in his heart, and cherish and be thankful.

The name of Vladimir Petrovich Kuznetsov know everything: for many years he lived in Uva, worked as an artist-designer in the house of culture "Youth". Performing daily duties, found time to create paintings. Participated in many exhibitions, was the author of the personal. On the eve of the 80 th anniversary of Udmurtia in an art gallery opening of his third solo exhibition of amateur artists, we can say that it is dedicated to the approaching 50 th anniversary of Vladimir Petrovich.

Opening the exhibition, gallery director Mira I. Zavertyaeva said:

- At our exhibition presents 58 works of the artist. They are written in watercolor. Most of the paintings created by Vladimir Kuznetsov in the last year, when we offered to organize an exhibition. We congratulate the artist on this occasion, we wish success and a speedy recovery. He has many admirers, connoisseurs, survived reviews from previous exhibitions. The common people, and famous are grateful to Vladimir Petrovich for the precious moments of inspiration that they get from his work, expressing pride in the land where he lives and works, this master of watercolor.

- Admit it, - said Head of the Cultural District Administration L.N. Voroshilova - that many of us do not notice when budding willow, as blooming lilacs. And Vladimir Petrovich seen in the usual handsome, he gave the beauty of the people around him. The artist's works - is enjoying life through nature. Each frozen in the cold branch, a quiet backwater of the forest, he put his meaning, philosophy of life, its energy. Let the recognition of his work helping to overcome today, Vladimir Kuznetsov, ailment, returns to productive activities.

Yes, it was unable to attend due to illness at the opening artist. His wife, Ludmila Petrovna and son Oleg accepted congratulations and gifts.

Ludmila Shlyapin, an employee of the district administration:

- I am convinced that the pictures of our countryman Vladimir Kuznetsov has in many families. In some - not one. Better gift for friends, rather than the artwork, no. The artist's talent, life energy embodied in the paintings, they are familiar and dear to people. A huge thank him for it!

- I am pleased that Uva can appreciate the labor of their artists and other talented people - said the People's Artist of Udmurtia, A. T. Russkih. - Vladimir Kuznetsov - a man devoted to the artistic cause. And it has reached the professional heights. On what would have been exposed to exhibitions of his work, they noticed assessed the taste and skill of the author. As he understands the nature! How is her fortune! As can be transferred to canvas by hand and this wet snow and fog, and the breath of spring! One paper was written just oil - "Self Portrait". Look closely: how many hidden features in the artist! With a portrait stares at us a noble man's face, for which the meaning of life became his paintings.

- Only for his modesty did not Vladimir Kuznetsov, a member of the Union of Artists, although a lot of work and created a highly remarkable picture - said a colleague on the works of Georgy Chirkov.

Expressed their recognition of Vladimir Kuznetsov, director of the DC "Youth" N.V. Voroshilova, amateur poet Galina Trefilova, head MUPZHKH "Uvinskoe" K.A. Konyarov, Deputy Director for Science of the Republican Museum of Fine Arts V.O. Gartig and others. Opening day was a perfect complement teachers' performance arts school Pal'yanova Elena, Natalia Lekomtseva, soloists DK "Youth" Shumikhina Elena and Tatyana Zhdanova.

Yes, how much light is in the silent, but such a gentle soul of an artist! We need it because of her light, because it is not necessary to light in the souls of other people's artificial light. It is light and candid estesstvenno as natural and frank confession of his life, as embodied in the paintings.

Nadezhda Zykina

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