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And the silence of a cold night, my spirit is...

These days in an art museum employees of the center hosts personal exhibition of amateur artists, Vladimir Kuznetsov, devoted 25 years of his career.

What is it like a man? What are you thinking, dreams, sadness? That he holds dear, what joy? What are the thoughts of living? These questions come on one another, like an ice floe drifting in the period when I walked through the museum looking at paintings.

Not loud their story. Three stacks of woodland ... Birches-girlfriend on the background of the sad autumn sky, around which runs a fox ... Among the pale blue fog again birch. Snow is Falling ... Shining night. Moon full field ... But the river, its smooth surface reflects the celestial visitor. Around such a virgin silence ... Here the road runs through a fading prairie, then to the ravine and on. Homes, fellow artists at a young age. "How sad, gloomy days of autumn and silent cold! How dreary languor to our souls they asked for ..."

Exactly expressed the internal state of the Afanasy Fet! And I came to this conclusion: creativity, Vladimir Kuznetsov, a master of poetry in tune with lyrics.

But go ahead. In "Landscape with Boat" stand. Seems about to appear fishermen or hunters, spoke of the successful catch or trophy. Does not move the bush, does not creak fallen snow in autumn. "I am enlightened and dumb fanned unearthly power ..."

And here's another time of year, quite a different mood. "Bathing in the moonlight": the dark groves of trees and shrubs, a piece of the water surface of river. Due to the huge relief of clouds the moon looked. It covers the meadow seems to feel the gentle breathing of herbs and flowers. With the scent of familiar heard through the haze of the warm air away and obscure even call. Two women, like mermaids, shake off moisture from the hair. Third with azure night ... How many mysteries and beauty opened an artist!

And now I ask the Head of Uva branch of the National Art Museum M. I. Zavertyaeva from a professional point of view, to assess patterns.

- Art works by this author level is high enough - she says - and that is especially important: the professionalism he has achieved himself, his intelligence, hard work. And this work is not appreciated. Kuznetsov working in painting, writing motives surrounding it. Pictures keep one quality: the author strive for perfection of natural dyes, whether lunar, raspberry or autumn landscape. Try to capture on paper the transition am on the day. Incomprehensible. Not even every artist photos will achieve the desired result. And Vladimir Petrovich obtained. He does not have sharp lines, colors, and there is a smooth, soft, pastel color sense. His work has attracted ease, transparency, are home to an active space, air and light. Reliability of the state of nature, often momentary. "And the silent, gentle, silvery, this midnight through a haze, he sees only what is eternal and pure, that is inspired by her own ..."

In the landscape a lot of personal, crying, having its own rhythm and a musical feature. But "Cornflowers" - as if for a moment stood still, just plucked and put into a jug. Harmony and chiaroscuro - all this says about the taste and skill of the author. Moreover, the watercolors - very difficult to execute. Need to write on a wet sheet of paper. Imposing the first stroke, the entire subsequent story picture should be in the mind of the artist. Make a mistake - all the work down the drain: Do not convert, do not fix it, but only to begin anew. The calculation should be accurate. It is therefore very important for the artist, this chain: a clear plot, good paper, a soft brush, paint a reliable and skillful hand. A desire to paint while rises in demand.

Here are some comments about the work of V.P. Kuznetsov.

"It is particularly impressed upon me the artist's watercolors of Kuznetsov. Feel the love for nature, the ordinary skill of the author. Retired A.N. Lushnikov of Sarapul".

"Comrade Kuznetsov, keep up the good work! Representatives Izhevsk Theatre".

"How much light and love in this room! I want to take away for a precious moment of inspiration. In many scenes of beauty and kindness, talent and skill. What kind of light in the soul! Joy feel for our land, for an artist who lives next door, brings happiness to our heart. V.K. Semakina, teacher"

"That's fine - art gallery in a rural area. And all the more gratifying to note (and most importantly, to see) pictures of the artist, whose ability is clearly outstanding. It is Vladimir Kuznetsov, who is able to convey his brush and watercolors (most difficult of genres) love for his native land, sadness inherent talented painter. Good luck to you, Vladimir! E. Sergeeva, editor of the All-Russian scientific-methodical center of folklore and cultural of them. N.K. Krupskaya".

"See the picture to Kuznetsov in 50 years. Sh.M. Kozonov from North Ossetia".

Wife of Vladimir Petrovich Kuznetsov pharmacist central pharmacy of the village Uva Ludmila Petrovna, I asked questions such as:

- Family members of the first to assess the creativity of the artist. How does this assessment your husband?

- He needs a first audience. And although, in our opinion, the opinion is not professional, he cares about them. Sometimes agree, sometimes not.

- Hang a picture of the house?

- Yes, many, among them there are loved.

- Do you feel, when Vladimir Petrovich inspiration comes?

- Perhaps. At such moments we are the children try not to disturb him. And everyday things do not annoy.

- You have two children: a son and a daughter. Are the artistic inclinations from them?

- Unfortunately for painting there. But the taste, color sense they have developed. In life, it is useful. As for lessons, then Oleg enjoys wood carving, and Marina are not indifferent to knitting.

The same conversation, I continued with the artist. Perhaps, in a difficult period, met with him. On the one hand the joy: after all, the personal exhibition of his paintings. And on the other ...

- Who knows how many more left to live - on the face of the artist's sorrow.

- Yesterday was buried Slava Astrakhantsev. In the prime of life ... He, too, was an artist of the business - talented accompanist. Original. And so early and absurd passed away ...

- Yes, sympathy. And How old are you?

- 43.

- Tell me why watercolor - your passion?

- I've dabbled in mosaics, in mint, oil, drawing, writing linocuts, icons. All interesting, but the soul is more to watercolor. I can not live a day if I do not take up a paintbrush.

- The plot suggests you do not fancy?

- The very nature. Went to work. Blizzard. Visually laid in memory of her points, and already houses epitomized what is on paper. Sometimes on the hood of car paint and laid out the sheets. Seen, and a desert and the sea. They did not worry me as much as their native place.

- You have participated in many exhibitions that were shown back in the cinema "East", in an art gallery in the museum. Even while serving in the army. And in 1978, the All-Union Exhibition of paintings of amateur artists in Moscow, you received a diploma of the first degree. Which of these is important to you?

- The latter, of course. It demonstrates the result of many years of labor.

- What is the most expensive for you in life?

- My native village, where I always have, and be my family.

- What do you dream?

- On the peace and tranquility for the people.

- How do you think will your pictures descendants?

- And moymut and appreciate. We lived in a beautiful land, able to feel the heat of early dawn, loved Russian birch. Let the grandchildren know it.

Nadezhda Zykina

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