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In the gallery of the village Uva exhibition of works of amateur artists. It involved workers ornamental workshop, students children's art school, workers and employees of the village. Most of the exposition is occupied by the artist-designer, V.P. Kuznetsov, working in watercolors and linocuts. Much time he spends on location with a pencil and record. Wrote their homes, is in the familiar landscape of indescribable beauty. The artist admires the fog and the reflections in water, forest roads and edge of the forest, flowers of lilac and rose, and again wrote dance of birches. When a person picks up a brush, pencil or chisel, his acute eye for the usual commonplace, he observes the unique beauty of person, his deeds, the beauty of mother nature. So the author is attached to this beauty, spiritual perfection. This is indicated by the work of amateur artists Uva village.

Methodist Republican
House Folk Art

Discovering the beauty

In the village of Uva, a branch of the national Museum of Fine Arts has opened a zonal exhibition of Vladimir Petrovich Kuznetsov. It operates a graphic designer in the workshop of the culture department: writing posters, slogans, preparing displays. A free time gives hobby. V.P. Kuznetsov - winner of republican and national exhibitions of amateur artists. In 1976 the village was his first solo exhibition in 1982 - the second. The current - the creative result of the artist for the last five years. All the while, he remained true to his main theme: the artist paints landscapes of their native land. Peering into the watercolor sheets, we, the audience is transported to the shores of Nylga river while away the evening with a fishing rod to bend Bogatsky pond with a mushroom bast basket go to sunny pine Klyuchevskoy mountains, frosty morning ski runs on birch forest in the vicinity of Uva village...


On a visit to the artist Kuznetsov

January 20 at a Branch of the Udmurt Republican Museum of Fine Arts hosts personal exhibition of artist Vladimir Petrovich Kuznetsov, a member of many regional, republican and national exhibitions. The exhibition includes works written in watercolor - one of the most attractive types of fine art. The exhibition presents the landscapes, the artist during the last two years. Inexhaustible natural world, the beauty of their native land are reflected in the works of Vladimir Kuznetsov. You will be able to get acquainted with lots of work "Night Landscape" and "Winter Landscape", as well as the exhibition shows work, "Spring on Uva river", "In their places", "Klyuchevskaya Mountain" and others. We invite residents of the village and visit the Uva personal exhibition of Vladimir Kuznetsov.

Head of Branch

All are as effective watercolor compositions...

All are as effective watercolor compositions V.P. Kuznetsov, permanent exhibitor amateur artists. Pleased to note that this year, the artist showed us the work to another technique - oil painting. Emphasis is placed on very thin on execution, lovingly painted portraits. It is impossible not to notice the color of successful mood in "Self-Portrait", the soft lyricism, and subtle nuances sentiments in other similar works. Always emotional and landscapes, Vladimir Kuznetsov. Peace and quiet come from the paintings, "Pond", "Grey Day", "After the Rain", warmth and a homey feel emanates from the "Yard", "Spring Day", "Thaw". Each landscape shows thoughtful consideration of the artist to nature.

Notes from the solo exhibition V.P. Kuznetsov

Anyone who loves art, who care about fiction, not pass by such events as exhibition. Especially because we live in a rural area and show here - not such a frequent phenomenon in the cultural life.

Before the new year in an art gallery opened an exhibition of village Uva amateur artist Vladimir Petrovich Kuznetsov. Since the opening of the exhibition to this day it was visited by many people. The book reviews are submitted by your kind words.

Like to express their views on the artist's works. First, is convinced that such an event is another means of aesthetic education of workers. Secondly, talks about the creative work, the final work of the artist. The gallery presents about a hundred works, a variety of genres and topics.

A few thoughts about the landscape. They - the soul of the artist, his innermost thoughts about life, about man's place in nature. In the subdued scenes, we learn their native places, familiar to every native Uva village. Author landscape - our, born in Uva. He likes to write a secluded place, quiet and comfortable. Present in many scenes yards with timbered cottages, some in our community - the majority. In these landscapes, feel the love the artist to rural life.

Beautiful painting "March". How many of lyricism, quiet and at the same time an enthusiastic mood. Depicts the time when, after frosts come, finally, spring days. When you want to breathe in deeply renewing spring air. I really like this picture. She seemed to be imbued with all the sun. But the "Yard". Everything pictured here - the peasant cottage, courtyard, carefully cleared path, bare birch, which is unthinkable without the landscape of our middle band, the heating is not lit winter sun.

Landscape "Autumn" written in bright colors. In the last autumn fire broke out the birch and aspen. Bluish haze covered the distance. Faded grass. Figures of the elderly, surviving its fall two women. Burn, burn birch blazing fire...

From the painting "After the Rain" is blowing on us the purity of untouched nature. Green colors in this picture juicy, deep and natural. Just passed the rain. It seems to be in a daze. Trees are not shaken off the moisture. But something happened in nature. Right now, in a moment, look out the sun and all around rainbow shine.

The connection times, the artist's meditations on the past and present, for decades an emerging way of rural life speak of "The Village"and "Etude with a cart".

Paint on most of the paintings of Vladimir Kuznetsov soft, soothing tones. Artist is able to assemble them so as to express the beauty of their homes, the harmony, at first glance, familiar and long-familiar of these places.

A homeland for every native of our district starts with his village, with its regional center. Love for his native land taught painting amateur artist name carefully scrutinize the beauty of our seats. The work of Vladimir Petrovich Kuznetsov find their way to the soul of every man, indifferent to nature.

It remains to thank the artist for work, for pleasure, which brings his work. Good his intentions!


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