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Watercolors Vladimir Kuznetsov sees Izhevsk

April 15 at the hall of the Union of Artists of the Udmurt Republic opened a personal exhibition of Vladimir Petrovich Kuznetsov. Once this has not become a sensitive brush and canvas man, his work keeps the family - his wife Lyudmila, the son of Oleg and his daughter Marina.

Exhibited in this room for an artist would, of course, joy and achievement. His work has been discussed by leading masters of painting. The exhibition was attended by familiar artists: Russkih Anatoly, and Vyacheslav Medvedev, and Vitaly Okun, and Olin, and others. Many noted the thin nature's delicate, transparent landscape filled with one hand, the commonplace, that we are so accustomed to overlook the other side - certainly a mystery, which, no matter how hard you try, people will still not fully unraveled. And the pressure of the brush and colors, halftones, and even the texture of trees, which would seem impossible to display in the watercolor technique of "A la Prima" (work in watercolor on wet paper). But this is the texture is visibly present. A man contemplates the work, knows exactly what to touch birch in the spring and even the smell can be restored in the memory: it exudes an aroma of tired autumn earth after a rain. A bird-cherry snow flakes just crazy. It's so over the earth, but this - this paradise...

Chairman of the Union of Artists of Udmurtia Constantin Reznitskii admitted that he was not the first time sees the work of this author, but they attract, and attract. Only during the design of the exhibition, he walked around it five times. And it says about the special skill of an artist. Once again expressed regret that Vladimir was not a member of the Union of Artists of Udmurtia, he made a nice and happy mission handed a membership card to the deputy director of artistic work, the head of the art department of the museum of Uva Nadezhda Vorontsova.

Speaking about the work of his father, Oleg Kuznetsov, especially noted that these views should be spread balm on sensitive hearts of the citizens - visitors. Because of concrete and asphalt, noise and endless communications exhibition, this will be a real gift. Maybe it would motivate someone to get to the beautiful expanse of Uva land: the meadows and the river, closer to nature and himself.

At the exhibition there were also representatives from the Department of Culture Uva area. A lot of good things said about me, which was personally acquainted, Head of Culture Goloviznina Marina. She remembers that once upon a time they went to all the department to harvest potatoes. Vladimir certainly find somewhere some useless thing. This oddity in his home began to live. The thing to appear on his appointment, it got its second wind. A flat, on memories of Marina, like a museum, where she went into shock from the perfect new look at old things. She also remembers a fabulous holiday house that took a fancy to his own hands, Vladimir Petrovich. Hydrangea bush, presented by the Office of Culture, will keep the memory of the artist, his quivering heart and gold hands. A Board of the artists, looking once more of his work, called him Master.

O. Chichirko

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