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For me, the death of V.P. Kuznetsov was so unexpected - do not want to believe that it is not among us. He was a talented artist, his expressive watercolors and juicy. I do not know of another who would be with him could be compared to the modesty of its simplicity in dealing with people. About himself, he left a good memory, villagers Uva will be remembered artist for a long time.

former head of the district,
Chairman of the Executive Board of Deputies,
First Secretary of Party Committee Uva village in 1962-86 years.

I do not know what to include current Kuznetsov work, but it is - a light stream from which you can drink it with pleasure and water from which you can wash off the slime that covered us recently. His watercolors and oil paintings take us out of the dark forest on the sunny meadow. Family portraits are made with lots of love to nature. Once an unknown person through their creativity confronts us, breathes in us something new, life-affirming. There are some mystery that gives his paintings even more soulful. Thank you, that he has lived, worked and gave people a chance even for a moment to see the unseen.

T. Chumakova

I want to say thank Volodya, not only for what is shown here at the show, but for all that he did for his not very long life, and unfortunately for our region and specifically for each. It is no secret that nearly all houses have his pictures and they bring us joy. Life of the artist continues his work are still alive, so he is always alive in our eyes and hearts. Live long Volodya.

Michael Grebin

Amazing work, live person, wildlife. All paintings are painted with such love and purity of the soul! A very big thank you to his wife the artist's cherished memory of her husband. Very sorry for Kuznetsov, sorry, do not see more of his other paintings. Many thanks to the museum staff for their diligence, patience.

G.F. Pushkareva

For Volodya Kuznetsov:

"On the throes of creativity do not say
Let the night your soul is screaming...
From all this pain miracle that
And start again, start again..."

Lyudmila Petrovna, thank you very much. I wish you all the best. Thank you.

Barygina Vera

The artist's works of Vladimir Kuznetsov, the landscapes of the Udmurt our nature, so subtle, genuinely moved Volodya on paper. I admire his work, which he painted from the heart and with all my heart. And also thanks to the employees of the museum of his work will see the inhabitants of our village and all Uva district. Let his artistic sketches bring people joy and spiritual satisfaction.

Vladimir Neustroev

It is a pity that Volodya died. I admire his watercolors!... And the skill and inspiration... I wish happiness to his family.

A. Limonov

I really liked the show Kuznetsov. Especially where there is shown blizzard, just get there and feel everything that was happening! Grateful to the staff of the museum. I experienced a sense of delight and joy!

Bykova Polina
grade 7 student

I really liked the exhibition dedicated to the Remembrance Day of Kuznetsov. Also enjoyed painting with nature. If you peer at them and think about it if you find yourself in another world, where everything is so beautiful, pure. I especially liked the portraits of family members. All his pictures are written with such love, affection, tenderness, kindness, sensuality, even no words to describe his paintings. Very sad to think that there is no next to us such a man - an artist.

M. Severyukhina
grade 7 student

We were very impressed by this exhibition, a unique technique of performance. When you look at the picture it seems that you present there. We met with the creative artist's life in his paintings and photographs, as though present in the writing of these paintings.

Anikin Kostya and Vakhrushev Dima
students of art school

Wonderful world reproduced in paintings of the artist Kuznetsov. It would be desirable for a long time to watch, keep quiet and think about life. Thanks to employees of the museum, thanks to his wife the artist's cherished memory.

V.G. Buhalova

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