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We visited as either a fairy tale called Nature! Delight in the soul and light sadness... Thank you.

Burkova A.G.
Vikulova L.I.

Ingenious artist unrecognized during his lifetime. Thanks to a family that helped him and supported him in the works.

Yuferev E.A. and Qureshev A.V.
Artists amateurs from Izhevsk

My mentor and teacher Vladimir Petrovich  by Valeriy Kasihin. Some are not, and those far away. Time is running tirelessly. I remember anepisode where just getting a job in DC "Youth" in a team of artists-designers.Vladimir Petrovich, then simply Volodya, the first thing he asked me: "Does you creative?". There was an affirmative answer. Since then, our friendship did not stop until the end... Again, with respect.


The subtlety, the confidence line and that for which the person lives. The worksare excellent, they are breathing the unknown. The sun replaces the moon, themist - the falling snow. In this work a living soul. Thank you for the show. It has revived in me the breath.


Dear Vladimir Petrovich! Thank you for the beautiful watercolors and clean your creative soul! You are alive!

Halina Grantovna
painter decorator

This exhibition is the best I've ever seen here. All work very much.


Very good. It is a pity that the author is dead.


Thanks for the exhibition. Beautiful poetic landscapes. You feel when you look at the pictures the air, the smell of the season. It looks like the music - fantastic, sad, peaceful. Remember the film "Winter Twilight" 1987. Three stacks as livingcharacters. Thank you again!


I liked very much, thanks for the show, good snow in the winter and sun in the spring. Thank you!


Thank you for the wonderful pictures of Vladimir Petrovich! For a lot of talentgiven to him by God. The bright memory of him... Thanks for organizing this exhibition.

Matveeva G.M.

It is a pity, really, that the artist is dead! Well done - it's family! Not lost, not torn... And kept, and showed us the work. Thank you.

Babanova G.V.
Teacher of fine arts from Izhevsk

Very, very proud of the fact that there are such wonderful pure honestcountrymen.

Alexander Suvorov

Very nice, high-level professional, just brilliant! Thank you so much!

Elena Buskina

Thank you so much for watching. The work is very light, live, would especially like to mention "Winter Sunset" and "Silence of the night".

Extremely! Talent in each picture. I would like to see every day such beauty. A sense of nature is beautiful. Thank you!


A wonderful artist! Beautiful pictures, especially the "winter". Thanks to the organizers of the exhibition.

Aytamanov M.G.

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