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I like the movement in the paintings. This is a "Blizzard", "Before the storm". Fascinating and long I can not withdraw.

Rice Milovidova

Thank you so much for this wonderful exhibition. We really liked the work, especially "Pink sunset", "Night blanket algae", "Blizzard".

Debesky Polytechnic

It is a pity that not more than please the new paintings. His paintings are literallyimmersed in nature, blending with his views. Talent! Very talented. This is a gift from God! I wish he had lived a little. It seems that he fell, went into his paintings, and stayed there... Thank you for the pleasure.


Thank you very much for this wonderful exhibition. The artist just talent. It is a pity that more did not please his exhibition.


Very fresh, talented landscape! Perfectly transferred state of nature, amazingsky! Very few of these landscapes! The impression that the artist studied at leastin St. Petersburg. This is a rare gift that few of these. Unfortunately, his career is very short, but the mood of his work is very bright! Thank you!

DSHI students

Have not received such a fun show. Clean, light colors create a mood. Here, it's spitting rain and the wind pressure trees. And then the fog turned the world into something mysterious and elusive. Fall, winter, summer, everything is fine.Thank you, Vladimir. And in the end is very sad that you're gone.


I have long wanted to see the exhibition of watercolors. And an exhibition of works by V.P. Kuznetsov. Yes, water can do wonders, if in the hands of this master. Enjoyed. Thanks to the organizers of the exhibition, which allowed us to see it.


They say that if you look at the picture, and do not want to comment on it, then it is ready. Coming out of the exhibition hall after the show Izhevsk Kuznetsova, I want to be silent. That is silently carry the joy and emotion that the exhibition.Realism - in my view is always beautiful! He was, is and always will be!Amazing level of skill, even you do not want to leave. More I can not say, because to judge the work of "high master ought to critic himself had the sametaste of the sublime, as the author of works." And I'm still just learning ... after these shows, I want to run somewhere in the studio and write and write andwrite. Work tirelessly to achieve that same high results. Thank you very much for the wonderful moment in my life, lived not in vain!


Do you like the "Winter evening" very accurately transferred. I did not know thatwatercolor can be so good to work with.

beginner artist
from Malay Purga

Wonderful watercolor! The hand shower and the equality of the soul and a verb... What a pity that it no longer exists in our physical world. But the fact thatKuznetsov was alive - he has proved the power of his watercolor send to us.Hooray, Vladimir! Thanks to those who store their heritage.

Z. Lebedeva

The exhibition is unusual, chic! Lots of light, warmth and softness! The artist has mastered the technique of writing on wet! Be sure to take her and she will notlearn to work en plein air. Exhibition inspires, delights and surprises!

Zavyalovo DSHI students

Wonderful work - feel the love for nature. It is very unusual technique of working with watercolors! As the snowfall, blizzards and fog. A miracle! Thank you!


Thanks for the show - loved the colors, the image of falling snow and a night of water. Praise the master!


Thank you for the beautiful winter in water colors, from which the heat and the outside and inside, in contrast to the street.


Thank you! The exhibition was a miracle! So many impressions, feelings cause. Special thanks to the artist's relatives, who were able to preserve the legacy of V.P. Kuznetsova.


I admire this artist. God forbid we learn to paint also well.


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