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Wonderful watercolors. The mood will inevitably rise! A work of "Fog" I would like to see every day, it is to my liking. Thanks to the artist and organizers!

third course of Fine Arts

Thank you so much! For that, you have built for us this exhibition. It's so nice to see the work of Kuznetsov Vladimir Petrovich. Personally I liked the work of "Starry night".

Kornilova Uliana
Student of DSHI N13

Thank you! We really liked this show. Harmony and concord reigns in all the works of Kuznetsov. We are more familiar with watercolor techniques.

Vladimir and Vasily
Student of DSHI N13

I'm fascinated by these pictures! Soft colors, harmony, love of nature, beautiful trees - all this fills the picture V.P. Kuznetsova. Wonderful, wonderful work, sorry, that is not alive, would have taken the interview.

Udmurt State University
Faculty of journalism, 2nd year.

The exhibition is delicious! How perfectly and vividly depicts nature. The snow in the pictures is amazing, a feeling of complete fusion with the picture of the scenery. In the static silhouettes of trees traced the movement of all nature.Thank you for such a wonderful show.

Catherine and Helen
IIiD "prom. Design ", 1st year

Excellent talent!

amateur painting

Love for the place in which happens to be born and to live each breath watercolor artist. I have the feeling that he took out of my mind all these picture sand published, showed everybody! Thank you for the wonderful gift to the museum!


I really liked the show, but especially the painting "Snowfall".


Wonderful work, very inspiring and beautiful nature of watercolor. Thank you!


Very good show, a lot of very beautiful work. All the pictures are very accurately convey the nature, weather and mood of the author.


We RDSHI students visited the exhibition of Vladimir Petrovich and received the highest spiritual satisfaction. Simply amazing watercolor! What a skill! What isthe possession of skills performed in the winter. This is technically so difficult... to paint watercolors in the winter... a variety of compositions written by a masterof color. Many thanks to Vladimir Petrovich for the fact that managed to opentheir eyes to the vision of the beauty of his native land!

Amazing, amazing for its effect on the feelings show. Composition, color, technique - everything is fresh, beautifully, unobtrusively. Thank you!

Wonderful. Cool. Beautifully. Of Art.

I was at an exhibition of Vladimir Kuznetsov's not the first time, as well as allagree at the show with an amazing talent of the artist. Once again, convinced that the gift of God is limitless. His works are filled with love for nature, his native land. Thank you, that his family provides the opportunity to enjoy this miraculousworld of Vladimir Kuznetsov.

1 year UdSU

Art School N12, the preschool class. Thank you for creating a wonderfuldisplay. I liked the scenery. We felt the love of the artist to nature.

I agree with all of the above-said. Pictures of amazing in its depth, tranquility, make us think of something high and at the same time, their mother, to rememberhis childhood, grass, trees, fields - all of that to date has gone from us. After the turmoil of days we rarely pay attention to such nice things. Thanks to the artist for what he depicted in his beautiful watercolors of such moments of nature. Looking at them, we learn to accept and love life as it really is, with all its "bad weather", and enjoy no matter what!

Thank you for this wonderful exhibition of watercolors. They are very light andeasy. From this work emanates warmth and freshness of nature in its differentstates. Thanks to the artist for having allowed us to dip and feel a part of our beautiful Russian nature.

Thank you for a very nice show. Very fond of watercolors. From them emanate warmth and freshness of the different states of nature.


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